Friday, September 27, 2013

The tea tree miracle

Happy weekend, everyone!
I thought I'd start off the weekend by introducing you to something you probably have heard about before: tea tree oil - and if you haven't, it's about time you get to know this little beauty secret!

As you may know, I'm a fan of essential oils and this one is no exception. If you have problematic skin like me, this might just be the lifesaver you're looking for so read on!
Now, there's a reason that tea tree oil is often called a "medicine cabinet in a bottle" and here are some reasons why: it is effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses and stimulates the immune system. Oh, and by the way, it's absolutely amazing at killing breakouts and acne! Studies have found that tea tree oil is just as effective in fighting acne as 5% benzoyl peroxide, which I have written a post about here. And did I mention that this is all natural?

Now I kow that lots of brand will carry a tea tree skincare line, but I particularily prefer The Body Shop because of their high quality products and corporate values - if you don't know about them, I hope you can find 2 minutes to spare and read about them here.
The Body Shop has so many different products in their tea tree line, but what I have found to work the best is this combination of tea tree face mask and the tea tree oil.

If you want to know the reason for why I prefer masks over scrubs, you can head over here and read my post about the pros and cons of both. The bottom line is that if you currently have breakouts, a scrub might rip the pimples open and transfer the bacterias over to the rest of your face.. can you imagine anything more horrible? I definitely can't, so that's why I'm sticking to the face mask camp.
My routine is to use this face mask once a week. It'll clear your skin up in no time! For the occasional spots you (I) can't avoid, dab a cotton pad with some tea tree oil and hold it over the spot for a few minutes and it should knock a good day or two off!

Have you tried tea tree oil? Any tips&tricks or other miracle workers you know about?

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