Thursday, July 18, 2013

Introducing: Sleep-In Rollers

When I was a little girl I used to have these pink velcro curlers that I'd make my mom put in my hair before bedtime. I'd get a bad night's sleep but the next day I'd wake up with pretty curls, so well, it was worth it, right? Now fast forward some 10 years and the sweet people from Sleep-In Rollers sends me another kind of pink velcro rollers to try out. When I put them in it almost felt like childhood again, except this time, the rollers were made of foam instead of plastic which meant more comfort for me!
This post will be part one out of two, where part two will be a little tutorial on these pink beauties so stay tuned!

Sleep in rollers glitter review

I received the Glitter Rollers Gift Set Including Fringe Roller and the Diamonte Tail Comb (get it here with free worldwide delivery). The set included:
- 20 Pink Glitter Rollers
- Pink Drawstring Roller Bag
- 20 Kirby Grips in a Velour Pouch*
- Fringe Roller
- Hollie Wakeham Tutorial DVD

* When I opened the gift set the grips were everywhere and only two were inside the pouch. I counted them to 19 so one must've fallen out of the box. But this is no biggie since they're just plain bobby pins, so easily replaceable.

Sleep in rollers glitter review

Now, some details and first-hand impressions of the rollers:

Sleep in rollers glitter review

First things first. Why is there only glitter on one side? Man, what a huge disappointment. I've read some other bloggers who also received the glitter set, but how come no one's mentioned this? If I'd known this I'd definitely have taken it into consideration when choosing my rollers.. Anyway..

The one thing I was most curious about was how big these rollers were in diameter. We all know that the size of the rollers will determine the finished look of the curls, so it really surprised me that this information was missing on their website. I googled around a bit and checked some blog posts, but none of them had included this information. Maybe it only mattered to me? Anyway, if you, like me, are wondering about this as well, I can tell you that these rollers are around 47 mm. This means that if you're looking for actual curls, you're probably looking in the wrong place. These rollers will give you big bouncy hair and some waves at most.

Sleep in rollers glitter review

How squishy are the rollers? I actually find the whole foam idea quite genius. I remember how uncomfortable it was sleeping with the traditional plastic ones so I was really excited about trying these. One thing I noticed though was that the non-glitter side was more squishy than the glitter side. It's probably due to the glue used to keep all the glitter on the roller instead of everywhere on your pillow, which is the plus side, but still.. another thing to take into consideration if you're thinking about the glitter set.

Sleep in rollers glitter review

The fringe roller? A good idea if you have them, but as you might've noticed it's not with foam inside, so a few hours of your daytime or a quick blow dry is needed if you want any results.

Sleep in rollers glitter review

I love this tail comb. I think it's a fresh design compared to all the standard black ones out there on the market. I used this comb for sectioning and combing (obviously) when I put in the rollers and although it's not necessary, I think a tail comb is a great help when putting in rollers. And of course, for teasing if you want some extra volume ;)

What do you think of the rollers? If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I'll answer as good as I can. 

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