Saturday, July 20, 2013

How-to: Adele's Grammy 2012 hair

Hi guys!
This is part two of my previous post about the Sleep-In Rollers. In part one I introduced you guys to the rollers and in this one I'll show you the results of them and how I achieved it. The final result reminded me a bit of a softer version of Adele's Grammy 2012 hair, but I'll get to it and let you guys decide if that's just me ;)

So here's what I used:
- 20 Sleep-In Rollers Glitter Set (including the grips)
- Spray bottle with water
- Tangle Teezer
- Sleep-In Rollers Diamonte Tail Comb

Start by combing through your hair and then make sections using the end of the tail comb.
The first section you should make is a mohawk down the middle (the mohawk should be no wider than the roller itself). Start by rolling this section - I suggest using 6 rollers here. Give the hair a few spritz of water, comb through and put the roller in away from your face (if you like a more romantic look, roll the first roller in towards your face). Secure with a bobby pin.
The second and third section should be from the mohawk and down to each ear. I used 3 rollers for each front section.
Fourth and fifth sections are those in between the the front and mohawk. I used 4 rollers for each side.

Now leave the rollers in overnight or until your hair is completely dry. If you want to speed up the process give it a quick blow dry.

I slept on these rollers and although they're more comfortable than the traditional plastic rollers, I must admit that nothing beats sleeping on your pillow ;) I think they could've been a bit more squishy but after finding a good position I nonetheless had a good night's sleep. As I wrote in the first post, the glitter side seemed less squishy and this was also what I experienced after a night's sleep - something to take into consideration if you're not sure of which kind of rollers to get.

When you've taken them out after a few hours/next morning, brush your hair through with your fingers - don't use a brush! Then take a few front sections and tease them using the tail comb and smooth the hair over. If you wish, use a little hairspray (my favorite here).

As you can see, these rollers won't achieve actual curls, but rather a big bouncy hairstyle with some waves at the end which I think makes the hair look very natural and fresh with a little romantic touch.
Since my hair is really dark I had a hard time capturing the waves in the end, but they were there and made me think of Adele's hairstyle at the Grammy's 2012:

What do you guys think?

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