Monday, June 3, 2013

Treasures on eBay

Happy Monday everyone! I'm sorry I've been so quiet lately, but this week is my exam week! I just finished my first exam and when I got home, this little beauty was waiting for me,

jewelry ring eBay

Isn't it a beauty? And I can't even decide what the best part is - the ring itself or the price.. Now, think of how much you think it might be and.. wait for it.... £2.50! Yes, I got this on eBay for £2.50. Amazing, isn't it?
Had you asked me two weeks ago if I was ever on eBay, my answer would've been a clear no. I can't believe how many great (and cheap) things I've been missing out on all this time. (Un)fortunately, depending on how you see things since I should be studying, I've been doing my fair share of catching up with my new best friend eBay :)
I can't wait to show you all the other goodies I've found, but for now I hope you liked this one :)

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