Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Color your iPhone

A few posts back I wrote about my new found love for eBay and I promised to keep you guys updated on other little goodies I've found there. Well, here's one I'm really loving:

iPhone cover sticker pink

The iPhone cover sticker! I've always wanted to switch up the color on my phone once in a while but covers have never been a hit for me - my phone feels too clumsy and big with a cover around it. I know that there are also little shops around Copenhagen where you can change the actual color on your phone, but that always seemed too risky for me, plus I didn't want to lose my warranty. So when I scrolled through eBay and found this for $0.99 I ordered two right away - one for me, and one for a friend of mine who's wanted to change her iPhone to pink for a while now, but also found it too risky (she loved it, by the way!)

iPhone cover sticker pink

There are tons of colors to choose from but since I'm all about pink lately, I of course went with that. The stickers were really easy to apply, I needed a few tries to get the hang of it in the beginning (the front one was especially hard in my humble opinion) but you can peel it off and try as many times as you need and it doesn't leave your phone sticky or anything.
I really think this is a great alternative if you want to switch it up once in a while and it makes your phone a bit more accessory-ish rather than just a phone in either black or white like everyone else's. If you're interested you can get it for iPhone 4/4S here and iPhone 5 here.
Ps. I've of course done my best to search eBay for the cheapest ones available, but as things change so fast on eBay (offers end, things gets relisted, etc.) you may want to do an extra search :)

What do you guys think? Do you prefer your iPhone with cover, these or au naturel? ;)


  1. That is so cute! I am always looking for new cases and new ways to decorate my iphone! I will have to check these stickers out :) thanks!

  2. Ohh you would absolutely die here in Seoul. South Korea makes so many adorable and affordable iPhone cases, I literally have one for almost every purse I own (which is a lot!). Speaking of, I should do a blogpost on this... :P

    xX Sarah