Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beauty essential: face masks

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you're doing well and have a great weekend ahead of you :)
Today I decided to do a quick little post about face masks. Why? Because I feel that when discussing beauty products, face masks are often overshadowed by scrubs - don't get me wrong, I know what a good scrub can do, but what I'm trying to say is that scrubs are more suited for some people than for others. For instance, face masks are better for me due to my skin type. As some of you probably know, my skin is very prone to breakouts. So if I use a face scrub while I have some zits I can easily tear them up and transfer the bacterias all over my face which equals even more zits.. So to prevent that I use masks instead.

I prefer either a good mud mask like these or peel-off masks which I find more easy and fun :)
These masks are from the brand Montagne Jeunesse which specializes in home pampering experiences. I really like their masks and I think they're great value for money. I got these 6 for £4.5 (Feelunique had a 10% discount campaign. OBS! Right now they have 15% off, use the code SUMMER15). I use the masks once a week and one pack lasts longer than what one might think. For me, one pack will last 5-6 applications, but of course, it'll depend a bit on how much you use per application.

What are your thoughts? Are you on team scrubs or team masks? ;)

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