Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beauty essential: the lip exfoliator + DIY

One thing that is highly underrated but should, in my humble opinion, be part of every girl's beauty routine is to exfoliate the lips. Many take it as a given to exfoliate and scrub the face but neglects the lips. This is such a shame since the lips are just as important as the rest of the face and keeping them in tip-top shape should be high priority as well! Exfoliating the lips will remove the dry, dead and chapped skin and make them all smooth again. This is also very crucial if you - like me - like add some color to your lips in the form of wearing lipstick. I love bright and pretty colors, especially in the summer, so with summer lurking just around the corner, I decided to do a little post on a very good and very wallet-friendly lip exfoliator by Eyes Lips Face.

eyes lips face elf lip exfoliator review
e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator - here

Personally I think Eyes Lips Face make some really great products with prices even the most budget-sensitive ones wouldn't say no to, and this one is no different. The only thing downside is that their shipping is kind of pricey, but luckily they often launch different kinds of campaigns and offers with either free shipping or discounts that will make up for the shipping. Right now you can get 20% off your order with the code 052013 (for UK & EU) and 052014 (for Italy). Minimum spend is £20/24€ and the offer does not include sale items (which to be fair, are already incredibly cheap priced).

eyes lips face elf lip exfoliator review

I got this lip exfoliator for £3.75 a month ago or so along with some other items and I really like it. The smell is kind of like a fusion of chocolate, vanilla and perhaps even a little bit of coffee, although it tastes mostly of vanilla. It works kind of like a sugar scrub but it's also infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oils, so there's more benefits to it than a homemade sugar scrub.

eyes lips face elf lip exfoliator review

If you've never exfoliated your lips before, fear not - elf has been so nice as to provide instructions with the product! Although how to use it is probably very self-explanatory.. All you need to do is scrub your lips with it (which is made as easy as can be with the product in a lipstick tube), wash it off and then apply a lip balm (I always use Locobase, which you can read about here).
I try to exfoliate once a week or before putting on lipstick if my lips are especially dry/chapped. In the latter case I will exfoliate as the first thing in my makeup routine so the lip balm has time to set in and make my lips super soft and lipstick-ready. I would highly recommend this product, however, if you're not quite convined that your lips need scrubbing or the price (unlikely) is too high, I'll list some DIY methods below :)

1. Sugar-based scrub
As I've mentioned earlier, the elf lip exfoliator was kind of like a sugar scrub so if you're looking for a DIY substitute, this is it. All you will need is a little bit of olive oil or honey and some sugar. Mix the two things together to a pasty consistency and proceed exactly as if it was the elf lip exfoliator.

2. Petroleum jelly
Rub some petroleum jelly on your lips and exfoliate gently using a very soft toothbrush. Don't forget the lip balm afterwards!

Do let me know if you try any of the things and how it went. And don't forget to share if you know of other/better (DIY) lip exfoliators :)

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