Sunday, April 28, 2013

The best health & fitness apps

Happy Sunday everyone!
In honor of summer and bikini season coming up (which has been a recurring theme in my last couple of posts) I've decided to share the best health & fitness apps out there with you guys, in case some of you needed some inspiration or motivation. I know these apps sure helped me a lot, so let's get started :)

5K Runner iPhone app review

1. 5K Runner - 19 DKK / $2.99 / £2.49
This is the best running app I've come across so far. It is basically an app that acts like a personal coach. 5K Runner claims that if you spend 35 minutes, 3 times a week on this, you'll be able to go from zero to hero, aka from not running at all to be able to run 5K! How amazing is that?
You run on intervals, which is harder and more intensive than continuous training, hence the faster results. The audio coach will tell you when to walk, run, and when you're halfway. The awesome part is that it works with the music and any GPS app you might have (I'll give you my best bet for the best one further down). Just remember to turn your phone away from silent, and the app will automatically lower the music when it speaks, so that you'll always be able to hear your instructions.
If 5K is not enough for you, they've also made an app for the more hardcore ones called 10K Runner and 21K Runner!

runtastic Squats PRO iPhone app review

2. runtastic Squats - free, or PRO for 7 DKK / $0.99 / £0.69
I know squats look awkward, but honestly, best workout ever for great legs and butt - and who doesn't want that?!
This app will again, act like a personal trainer for you and construct workouts which you can set a reminder for, so that "I forgot" will never become an excuse ever again!
Just hold your phone vertically in front of you when doing the squats, and the app will countdown for you and tell you when, and how long your breaks will be, great right? I think it's great motivation to finish the set when you can see the number left in front of you. For more fun you can made your friends join in and make a deal like the first one to slack on his/hers exercise will buy a round of ice cream/shots/whatever.
Before getting down to it (ha, ha) I would suggest checking out this video for 7 great tips on how to do proper squats so that you won't hurt your knees/neck/back.

All in yoga iPhone app review

3. All-in YOGA - 7 DKK / $0.99 / £0.69
Ahh, yoga. I love, love, love yoga! Is there anything better to start off a weekend with? I always feel so relaxed, happy and content after a good yoga session :)
With this app you can either follow their many ready-made programs or construct your own after taste. Their poses and programs have 4 different levels - beginner, intermediate, advanced, and guru - so if you're a beginner you won't get lost and overwhelmed, and if you're a guru, it won't bore you.
The workout mode comes with timer (that's adjustable), audio and photo. On top of that each pose comes with a video guide and 3D muscle models so you can see how to do a pose correctly and which muscles you're using, how awesome is that?
The only "bad" thing about this app is that for the "Goal" section of the ready-made programs you'll have to pay for a subscription fee, which I find to be ridiculous when I've already paid for the app itself? But don't worry, of course Google is always ready and at your service (for free!) and a quick search will find you many poses that'll help you achieve the goal you want!

Endomondo iPhone app review

4. Endomondo - free, or PRO for 32 DKK / $4.99 / £2.99
And this, my ladies & gentlemen, is my guess of the best GPS running/training app out there! There are way too many functions and if I were to explain it all it'd take me hours.. So bottom line is that it works for walking, running, biking, you name it and will give you lots more information than what you need, as shown in the picture above ;) It also comes with a social twist, where you can see how active your friends have been (and send them real-time peptalks and comments!). There's a news feed in the app to do this, or you can log in to their online community on a computer. The features are endless, so I suggest you jump into it and try it out for yourself!

Now I'm off for a run. I hope you've enjoyed this post and maybe found yourself a new potential training app :)


  1. Inspiring post! I love me a health app but so far I have found them to be a bit hit and miss. Will have to give these ones a go.

    Thanks for sharing! Take care xx

    1. You should definitely give these a go! I love the 5K Runner and runtastic Squats PRO! It's always great motivation to work towards a goal, isn't it? ;)
      Which ones have you tried? xx

  2. i need these in my life - thanks for sharing x

  3. Great post! I was just confusing myself this morning with all the different 5k apps- choice made, thanks! :)

  4. Glad I could help! :) Which one did you go for? xx

  5. I've entered Tough Mudder- do you know any apps that are pretty hard core? I need to build some serious strength up! I've got distance covered (few half-marathons under my belt) but have very little tone/arm strength :(
    also - sorry, all over your blog at the moment!

  6. How cool! I wish you all the luck with Tough Mudder! :) But I must say that that kind of work out is *a bit* out of my league, so can't help you with that - sorry! :(
    And don't be sorry, I hope you're enjoying it! Best of luck! xx