Saturday, April 20, 2013

New flats

Hi all, I hope you're having a wonderful weekend :)
I stumpled upon the best bargain I've found in quite some time when I popped into H&M this Friday, and I just have to tell (and show) you!

H&M ballerina flats shoes

What do you think? ;)
I've been hunting for new flats since spring, albeit slow, is approaching, and when I walked in and saw this campaign with 2 for 1 on shoes, I just knew I had to get these..

H&M ballerina flats shoes
H&M ballerina flats shoes

These two lovely pairs only cost me 80 DKK, which is around €10/£9!! Can you believe that? That is like €5 for a pair!!
I don't know if H&M has this campaign outside of Denmark, but if you live close or pass by a H&M, I would definitely pop in and check it out.

Have a great Saturday night! xx


  1. wow, what a deal. headin' to h&m right now

  2. AH! totally bought the brown ones last year :)