Friday, April 12, 2013


Happy Friday! I hope you have a great weekend planned ahead of you :)
Nothing much has been going on this week, except that I've been on a baking spree, haha. So I decided to share another great recipe with you guys, in case some of you might feel like baking this weekend. For some unknown reason I've been craving brownies for two weeks or so now, and since I've had such a thing for baking this week, I decided to give in to my cravings and bake those brownies!

Brownies recipe

If you have (or are getting, like me, again) a craving for these, fear not! All you need is:
140g (1 cup) all-purpose flour
1 tsp salt
180g (3/4 cup) butter
150g (1/3 pound) dark chocolate, at least 44%
200g (1 cup) sugar
1 tsp vanilla sugar
5 eggs

Ready? Okeydokey.. Start by melting the butter and chocolate using a double boiler (if you don't know how to, here's a great guide). Pour in half of the sugar, stir and add the vanilla sugar.

Get out another bowl and beat the eggs and add the other half of the sugar. Now slowly add the melted chocolate into the bowl and it should look something like this,

Brownies recipe

Ok, you're almost done! Last step before popping this into the oven is to add the flour and salt. Easy, right?

Brownies recipe
Brownies recipe

Now pour the batter into a baking pan and put it in the oven with 180C/360F for around 30-40 mins, depending on how soft and mushy you like your brownies.

Brownies recipe



  1. ahh this is so great! i was looking for a brownies recipe! i love to top them with ice cream! i'm so gonna try yours! thanks :D

    1. Yes, brownies are absolutely mouthwatering with ice cream! Have fun and let me know how it went! :) xx

  2. amazingly yummy recipe i will defiantly try this

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