Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Winter wonderland

So I woke up this morning and someone must've been making some kind of practical joke on me.. Because last time I checked we're almost in the middle of March - which is Spring!! - but somehow I woke up to this...

Yes, I think maybe someone shipped me through that wardrobe to Narnia while I was sleeping.. Maybe it was funny because I just got a haircut that's as short and looks kind of like Lucy Pevensie's or something, but it's anything but funny. I feel depressed.. This would've made me happy if it had been December, but come on Denmark, it's March...
I'm so sad about the bad weather that I've been eating sweets and drinking hot chocolate milk while watching Suits all day.. or well, then I also braved myself to sneak outside for a few minutes to take a picture ;)
I really hope the weather's going to get better and look more like Spring soon! But that's probably wishful thinking when I live in Denmark, so I'm putting all my hope and faith in a sunny Paris during Easter! Talking about Paris.. Any suggestions about what to do/see and where to eat? It's my second time in Paris and I'm going there with my boyfriend (for our one year anniversary, yay!) but I was such a little kid the first time I went there that I barely remember anything :) So please, pretty please leave a comment if you have any good ideas!
Now I'll be off to take a nice and warm shower while listening to some relaxing music and trying to forget about the snow and bad weather (which seems to just get worse and worse by the minute!)
Here's my playlist of relaxing songs, if you're interested or need some inspiration :)
Ps. click on the picture to make it bigger and readable. I tried to sort it after time so that I'd get as big a variety of artists as possible.

I hope the weather is better where you are and that you're having a great Wednesday. xx


  1. Paris is amazing! Make sure you take a trip to the Latin Quarter, just south of Notre Dame - try and catch a street market or two and make sure you pay a visit to the Jeff de Bruges chocolate shop there; you just might get a free sample! x

    1. Ohh, thank you for the suggestions :) I'll definitely make sure to check it out! xx