Saturday, March 16, 2013

Review: Essie's 3-way glaze

Hi guys,
I hope you're all doing well and have a nice weekend planned ahead of you! I just wanted to pop in and post my little review on this new nail polish I bought a week or so ago. It's Essie's 3-way glaze

This nail polish is a great little multi-tasker. It's an all-in-one base, strenghener and top coat! I've had this on my fingertips since the day it came into my mailbox. It dries fast, leaves my nails glossy and shiny, and it lasts long.
I haven't had a chance to try how it works as a top coat, but I can definitely say that it strengthens the nails. As you can probably see on the pictures, my nails are not short. I've never had a problem with growing long and healthy nails, but lately somehow I've experienced many of my nails breaking. And I don't know if I'm the only one, but I simply hate it when 4 of my nails are long and then one of them is short and just mismatched.. This is why I haven't put on nail polish and tried the top coat, as I feel that it'd bring too much attention to this.
But seeing as I haven't experienced any breaks with my nails since I've used this 3-way glaze, I'm planning on being able to wear bright and beautiful colors soon, yay!

I love Essie because of their beautiful colors and collections and most importantly, all their polishes are Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP free. I don't want to scare you off, but I think it's important to know what harms this toxic trio can cause.
DBP has been known as a possible trigger of asthma attacks and associated with reproductive effects and cancer in lab testing among others.
Toluene can cause dizziness and short term intoxication. This chemical is inhaled through the skin and nails.
Formaldehyde is considered an chemical that people have allergic reactions.
So as you can hear these things are quite dangerous, so this is definitely something I keep in mind when I buy my nail polishes!

Another thing is that I wanted to apologize in advance if I'm silent for the next week or two. I'll be having exams next week and then hopping on a flight to Paris right after, I can't wait! But I'll be posting a great little find of mine later this weekend, so stay tuned! ;) xx


  1. Congrats on the post this for sure is getting on my to buy list.

  2. Good post Ang, I've been using Sally as you have read on my blog, but I love Essie, sure thing I'll give it a try next time :)