Saturday, March 30, 2013

Paris pt. 2 - Dining in Paris

After some consideration I decided to make the part two of my Paris adventure about food! I'm a huge food lover and since I tried to be a good blogger, I got pictures of most of the food we had in Paris, so I thought I'd sum it all up in one big post about dining in Paris.

As we arrived around 4-5 at our hotel the first night, our dinner plan was just to walk around the area until we found something we'd like. We ended up at Le Nouveau Carillon, which looked like a cosy little restaurant..

I liked the interior design with the many clocks hanging on the wall and people sitting outside just having a drink and people watching. Somehow it felt very Paris-ish to me :)

They had happy hours from 6 to 8, so I decided to go for a Long Island Iced Tea, which came with a glow stick!

We both ordered steaks with béarnaise sauce, but me with salad on the side and my boyfriend with fries..

Looks yummy, right? I absolutely adored the little thing the fries came in. I wanted to sneak it in my bag and bring it home, haha!

I really liked the restaurant, the food and the friendly staff. If you're ever in Paris and are in the Montmarte area, I'd definitely recommend you going there! :)

The next day we also ate in the Montmarte area. We'd been to the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Élysées (which you can read about here) so we were tired when we got back to the hotel a little before dinner time. I looked through our travel guide (the Pocket Paris by Lonely Planet which I highly recommend!) for restaurant suggestions and we decided to try one named Le Relais Gascon.

The book suggested to go for a big bowl of salad with chips which was loved by the locals, so that's what I did.. It was with chicken, parmesan cheese and onion sauce.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, isn't the biggest veggie guy and decided to go for a steak again, haha..

It came with veggies, chips and a delicious pepper sauce..
I must admit that I preferred Le Nouveau Carillon over this. The chips were kind of boring, and the salad too, actually..

Saturday was our anniversary and seeing as the weather could've been better, we went to the Louvre museum to pay the famous Mona Lisa a visit. Our travel guide recommended this place called Le Café Marly which was right beside Louvre so that's where we went for lunch..

Cafe Marly food

Again, I put my full faith in the book's recommendation and went for the pasta which they described to be "sumptuous".

Cafe Marly food

Luckily, this time it didn't disappoint! The pasta was just perfectly prepared and so delicious!
My boyfriend went for some spring rolls which were also nice, albeit few, which was a shame..

Cafe Marly food

Next - which was also our last - day *sniff* in Paris we went to Sacré-Cœur. The night before we had googled online for good restaurants in Paris and we came across this pizzaria on Tripadvisor called Babalou, which was ranked #9 out of 9153 restaurants in Paris!! It was superclose to the church we were planning on visiting plus it had such a funny name so we decided that we just had to go there, haha.

pizza food Babalou

The place was so cosy and had a really homey feeling. They had just opened when we came, so we got to pick the best table. We picked one by the window which had a view of the church. The staff was so sweet and chatty and I just cannot recommend this place enough!

pizza food Babalou
pizza food Babalou

That night we went to a sushi place close to our hotel called Naoko.

sushi food
sushi food
sushi food
sushi food

My mouth is watering as I'm writing this because that is just how delicious it was. Although the check did give the sushi a real run for their money.. It was just such a pleasant surprise, how cheap it was! I have never had sushi that cheap, and I never would've thought it possible to get sushi at that price in Paris, but it is!
So if you love sushi but also love decent prices, this is definitely the sushi place to visit!

Now I didn't mean for this post to be this lenghty but I hope that you nonetheless enjoyed it and maybe got inspired for some places to go if/when you're in Paris :) I wish you all a wonderful weekend <3 xx

Ps. I just received my anniversary gift from my lovely boyfriend. You can get a sneak peek on my Instagram here. I'll also make a little post about it soon.

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